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You're about to take an important step in a child's life.

The digital world is changing every minute of every day and navigating those changes can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips for using The Smart Talk:

Before you talk

  • 1
    Get ready
    Add your children to your dashboard.
  • 2
    Preview the quiz
    Skim through some of the questions (but don’t answer any yet!).
  • 3
    Invite your child
    Let your child know you’d like to have an open conversation about using technology.
  • 4
    Schedule a time
    Agree on a time and place that are comfortable for both of you. You might not finish everything in one sitting–and that’s OK.

While you talk

  • 1
    Be open
    Your child has new ideas and perspectives to share. Listen with empathy and careful consideration.
  • 2
    Take turns
    Rotate who reads and answers questions to keep everyone engaged and talking.
  • 3
    Stay focused
    Use your device to navigate the quiz, but remove any other distractions for your child or yourself.
  • 4
    Skip as needed
    If your child seems nervous or upset about a question, it’s okay to skip it and come back to that question another day. Your progress is always saved.

After you talk

  • 1
    Show excitement for what you’ve accomplished together. Do a dance, hug, or celebrate some other way your family enjoys!
  • 2
    Keep it in sight
    Decide together how you would like the agreement to remain visible. Print a copy for the refrigerator or the computer desk. Maybe even set reminders to email it to your family as a check-in.
  • 3
    Schedule check-ins
    Intentionally schedule conversations to ask each other how it’s going and make any adjustments.
  • 4
    Update it
    It’s important to keep your agreement as a living set of guidelines, one that grows with your family. Log back in and update it together, or if your child is older now, start a new agreement to see questions that match their new age group. 

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