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The Smart Talk is a free tool that helps families set digital safety ground rules together.

Why The Smart Talk

Children today use technology to learn, socialize, create, and more. Just like any other form of communication, an understanding of healthy and safe digital practices can help your family thrive. National PTA and Norton want to help families facilitate positive conversations and set smart boundaries that influence our habits around:

  • Privacy and Security
  • Communication
  • Media Choices
  • Health and Wellness
  • Ongoing Conversations

How it works

Your family’s preferences are important, and our tool provides you with the flexibility to have The Smart Talk your way.

Quick tutorial

See how to use The Smart Talk for the best results with your kids.

Sit together

Make decisions as a family and get everyone on the same page.

Follow along

The Smart Talk will guide you through discussion questions on five key digital safety topics.

Discuss openly

Encourage everyone to talk honestly about their answers. You can pause the guide at anytime.

Agree to do it

Download, print, or email your finished agreement. Check back in a while to see how it's going and continue the conversation.

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Who made this?

National PTA and Norton co-created The Smart Talk in 2015, completing a major expansion and redesign in 2022. National PTA is the largest and oldest child advocacy association in the United States. Norton empowers people and families around the world to feel safer in their digital lives.

Norton is the founding and presenting sponsor of PTA Connected, an initiative helping families discuss digital safety in a judgment-free zone to establish healthy digital behaviors with guidance from expert resources and tools.